Noelle "Noni" Schulz

Noelle "Noni" Schulz


Noni Baloney

Noelle “Noni” Schulz is the inspiration for this blog. Awesome at 35, she’s living a happy life in Cleveland, Ohio.

She is so proud to work in the Produce Department of Heinen’s grocery store, where everybody loves her. Short on cognitive ability and long on personality, she doubles as a goodwill ambassador. Some call her Miss Congeniality.

Noni lives at home with mom and dad, but someday may have a place of her own. She’ll need assistance, of course.

Inventing nicknames for everyone is her trademark. So, we lovingly dubbed her Noni Baloney. And at the peak of silliness, she’s Noni Baloney Macaroni and Cheese.

Her pet name for Daddy is Adda, or Juice, or Adda Juice. Mom is The Lady. Big brother Kale is Lottie, and his son Lucas is Little Lottie. Sister Jacy, a former basketball player, is Shooter. And baby brother Trent answers to Weebie, Weebers, Weebs Me the Sunshine, Golden Arm, Egg Man, Ku Ku Kachoo Boy, and Trentola, to name a few.

Noni’s coworkers have included High Speed, Freddie Burger, and Mr. Noodles.

We all enjoy abundant tenderness and levity as we live life with Noni with positivity.